The more I research fashion, the more I’m shocked by (except not really) the deep divide between male and female fashion. It’s like we’re never truly able to escape the, ‘blue is for boys, pink is for girls‘ logic, no matter how old we get. But because societal norms sort of skeeve me out, I ENJOY constantly breaking the rules.

For example, when I peruse stores, both online and in-person, I shop on both sides (male and female). I’ve raised an eyebrow or two, strutting around with a crop top and shorts that are, ‘too short for boys‘. I could talk about how fashion should drop the concept of male and female completely, but that’s a WHOLE different topic for an ENTIRELY different time.

If any of this empowered you, or stuck with you, please join me in kicking gender right in its metaphorical dick/cooch. It is with this in mind that I picked this week’s Gaggable Goodies. My latest selections work for anyone – man, woman, and everyone in-between. For me, it’s simple: wear clothes that you like, not what other people think you should like.


Trust No Bitch

$59.84, edmsauce



$85, Kelly Wearstler



$20, Topshop 


Mr. Cool

$88, Diesel


No Way

€ 25,00 ($32.85), NOWAY


Scout Sixteen

$75, Zappos



$69.99, Reebok



$95, Nike



$96.99, Need Supply Co.



$100, Need Supply Co. (sweater) 



£18.00 ($29.89), Topshop



$67, Hypebeast




$80, Hypebeast



£26.00 ($43.17), Topshop

Coco Chanel

Fashion has become my life – and I’m not talking about runways, designers, or labels. I don’t use fashion as a form of elitism, or as a tool to make others feel ugly and inferior. I use it as an art of expression, to escape, and as a weapon.

Fashion allows me to portray the characters within myself, because, to me, identity is not a singular entity, but rather something that is limitless. Some days I’m an IDGAF-rebel who loiters near ‘No Loitering’ signs, gives a fake name to a substitute teacher, posts on someone’s open Facebook and calls it hacking, and shakes up a liter of soda and then gives it to an unsuspecting/thirsty child. Other days I’m the bougiest queen in town who can’t be, and couldn’t care what even Jesus herself thinks.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m constantly changing. I refuse to accept one personality, one attitude, one Jayson, because I’d only be cheating myself out of a wondrous, life-long adventure. I always say, ‘Get to know yourselves. They’re probably way more interesting than everyone else.”

Late night work.

Beyond allowing me to get to know myself, fashion allows me to escape and fight back at the most challenging aspects of life. Fashion lets me flee from the depression, fear of abandonment, rejection, and general confusion about this thing called life. It’s hard to care about that boy who didn’t text you back when you are LIVING for yourself in the mirror with your drop dead gorgeous new look. When you look good, you feel good.

Best believe, even in the midst of bouts with depression, the world will never catch me looking ugly. No Mary! In time, the benefits of look good-feel good start to mollywop the pain right out of my life.


And that’s exactly how fashion is my weapon. First, I escape, let myself feel shitty, then I start making myself look fierce; it’s like crafting a whole new identity, one that doesn’t care about the bruises of the past. Fashion is both the method of my escape and the means by which I return.

Fashion is NOT a way for me to impress other people (not that I’m opposed to twisting a few necks as people try to catch me walking by). Nor is it an indication of how shallow, self-absorbed, or vain I am. I know why I dress the way I do, and what fashion means to me, but I’m ever curious about what this abstract term means to others. Please comment below and share your thoughts. I mean, you’ve already invested your time reading, so you might as well just comment too.

Men's fashion

Gay on a Budget

HEY HEY HEY!  It’s time for another Outfit of the Gay. But this one is a little (read: a lot) different from the others. The difference? This time I worked with an actual photographer, one who just happens to be a really good friend of mine. No longer will I be stuck setting up amateur full-body shots with a self-timer app on my iPad, thanks to the talented Jennifer Clark, of Aurorealis Photography. She easily helped me navigate the awkwardness of modeling in front of the camera for the first time… although I was never that shy to begin with. DIVA!

Speaking of divas, the VMAs seriously dominated the world yesterday… and when I say VMAs I clearly mean Beyoncé. The summary of the night is simple – Beyoncé SLAYED the world, and there were apparently other people there doing stuff too. Not only is she THE queen, she is also a true example of a rebel. She brings feminism to everything that she does, and last night she boldly displayed it for the world to see. Why would this make her a rebel, one might ask. Her actions show a defiance to the male-dominated, patriarchal culture that we live in – a culture which all too often depicts feminism as nothing more than a bunch of hairy, man hating, extremist complainers. Her pride in feminism makes it clear that she stays true to her motivations regardless of what others think… otherwise known as a rebel.

Beyoncé and her powerful performance last night were the inspiration for my latest get-up. I dug through my closet to serve some red rebel realness. My top, from Hot Topic, was an easy choice because I love color-splashes AND, like most people born in and/or around the 90s’, The Breakfast Club. I built my outfit around this piece, and brought in the red bandana for a pop of color, and my thrifted ASOS jacket to add attitude to the overall look. When the weather cools down even more this will definitely be one of my go-to outfits.

Hot Topic Tank / Red Bandana / Warby Parker Winstons / ASOS Jacket / Levi’s 510Black Converse

Gay on a Budget
Gay on a Budget Gay on a Budget Gay on a Budget

There’s nothing like returning to your alma mater for a photo shoot.

Gay on a Budget Gay on a Budget

[Photo Credit: Aurorealis Photography]