This week has definitely been a challenging one for me. Between managing my freelance writing, my bank account, and finding time for the things I need to survive (AKA eating and sleeping), I am utterly exhausted. Yesterday I took a nap that went on for hours, and while I’d usually shake something like that off, I’m starting to see a trend that I really don’t like. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine being sleepy sometimes, but being sleepy all the time is not healthy.

I know I’m far from the only person that feels this way, but I want to work on addressing this problem from now on. I’m way too passionate about too many things to be sleeping my life away. I’m super motivated to make this change, and channeled all my extra pep into my links for the week. Enjoy and have a great weekend y’all.

heart This shirt is at the TOP of my wish list!

heart Do you feel awkward networking? I know I do. Here’s some expert advice on how to deal with networking anxiety.

heart I’d love it if my life was just PONPONPON all the time.

heart Here’s how to get over a breakup, according to Tavi Gevinson. Genius.

heart There’s a sexy Olaf costume, and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

heart Please tell me that there are other people who are as obsessed with this show as I am…

heart I wonder how many people I’d piss off with this shirt.

heart This sweater is making me thirsty.

heart Just found the perfect way to keep my feet looking swoon-worthy and gorgeous.

heart My love for punk culture is growing more and more everyday. And punk boys? Don’t even get me started.

heart Champs Sports rounds up the top PINK sneakers that every sneaker-lover needs to own.

heart The inside of this bag is sick.



After two days of deep thinking (most of it happened while I was in the shower), I came to realize that I never fully introduced myself on the Interwebz (sans my first post). I’m going to rectify this terrible mistake immediately. Commence talkaboutmyself-ification!

Bonus: Instead of doing boring ‘about me’ facts, I’m going to try (keyword being try) to choose things that some of my closest friends might not even know. SCANDALOUS (right…?)

1. I’m kinda punk. Not enough to actually be punk… but enough that I’m not not punk.

2. I’m obsessed with the kawaii culture/aesthetic. It’s so bold and crazy! It’s really inspired to me lately, because I’m all about living out loud, and that’s kawaii in a nutshell. I really wish America would cut the basic, conservative crap and embrace kawaii style instead of making it fringe.

3. I don’t actually know who started saying YASSSS, or where it came from, but I love saying it and I’m not gonna stop.

4. I have a ‘stupid’ cellphone, but I’m really grateful for it, because at least it doesn’t bend in my pocket

5. I can perform (read: poorly imitate) a bunch of the “Lipsyncs For Your Life” from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Some of my favorites to do in my room (alone, at night) include, Sharon Needles vs. Phi Phi O’Hara, Alyssa Edwards vs. Roxxxy Andrews, and most recently BenDeLaCreme vs. Darienne Lake. If you’re not into it, get into it!

6. My heroes are Buffy (yes, a fictional character is my hero), Sarah Michelle Gellar, RuPaul, and Tavi Gevinson.

7. I love to throw shade! Let me explain before anyone jumps to any ‘he’s a typical catty gay boy’ conclusions. The way I throw shade is not mean-spirited. I throw shade because I think it helps people learn to laugh at themselves. Laughing at yourself is not only cool, it’s friggin’ healthy as hell. Never take yourself too seriously, m’kay? Because, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, how in the hell you gonna laugh at somebody else?”

8. I hold in my sneezes even though I know it’s not healthy.

9. I don’t drink, do drugs, smoke, party-hardy, grind with strangers in the club, use Grindr, level grind, or jay walk (for real, because if I end up getting hit by a car I’m gonna be the one that looks stoopid).

10. I’m an identical twin. I’m older by 29 minutes (bless my mother). People always tip toe around asking me whether or not my brother is gay too. I die! But the answer is no. He’s totally butch.